New Book Alert

To All Patriots,

Have completed and published, This Roar of Ours.  It is a composite of nineteen years of published Op/Eds.  Fifty-six have been selected for this publishing.

The first was published in 1992, the last in 2011.  The subjects are obviously varied, as per the years, yet ironically remain pertinent with today’s events.

The book’s cover presents our American flag, with Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Vietnam Service medal in the mix.  As this cover suggests, it’s all about the Constitution coupled with heavy doses of individual responsibility.

Paper backs sell for $20, hard backs for $30.  Shipping will be free. All orders come with author’s signature, when dealing directly.  Call  386-441-1779.

A side not if I may.  Chris Wallace in the attack mode against Rick Santorum on Sunday when reading a seventy year old Army officer quote (pertaining to an entirely different subject)  to trip him up.  I suppose that they in the “main stream” will use this “Palin type”agenda upon any and all  who represent a possible nomination.

Also, just when does our President work?  Between being AWOL from his office and refueling Air Force One for all his campaign stops, just when does he attend to our Country’s affairs?  Come to think about it, maybe this is a good thing!

Stay tuned for more, I’m up and running now. Jim

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A Opening Thought

First, it was the manner of attack against Christine O’Donnell.  Mike Castle was defeated and the Republicans attacked his Republican victor.  Why?  Maintaining “the establishment.”  Castle was a RINO and his vote was assured.  O’Donnell. unbalanced the balance.  What followed by Karl Rove, and Krauthammer was proof positive that Castle, with his liberal voting record, was their man.  O’Donnell’s loss in large measure was due to those attack dogs and the none supportive Republican party.

Second point, last week’s Florida ruling against the health care atrocity has been ignored by both the President and the media.  In what should have been earth shaking news since Obama continues his defiance of our Constitution, the media instead showered the public with their repeat coverage of the Egyptian rioting.  More importantly, talk show kings such as Hannity followed with their lock step coverage of Egypt while Obama continued with his defiance of a legal order.  Consider the fact that while Obama is administering a law that is no longer in effect,  the American public is being fed this foreign catastrophe of the timely uprising in Egypt.  All these syndicated talk show hosts, with the exception of Mark Levin, are apparently limited as to their subjects for discussion.

Both instances come as an outgrowth from the Tea Party’s growing influence.  This newcomer has become the “x” factor of political campaigning and continues to be a factor within the legislative process.  Its formation was both  needed and very timely.  Let’s keep it going!  JB

Just an introductory morsel while I try to wrestle with the start of my blog site.  Hopefully, it will not take too long for this rookie.

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Government is not reason, it is not eloquence.  It is force.

Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master

George Washington

Father of our Country

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