The Edge of Tyranny

Since our most recent 9/11 anniversary, events have cascaded down hill in such fashion as to severely question the legitimacy of our President’s second term.  Not applicable with the costly element of Nixon’s downfall, this current coverup is presently overshadowed by the needless loss of life which occurred last year in Benghazi.

Left undressed during this recent flux of scandals is the media’s display of preferential coverage from the time of Nixon’s Watergate fiasco verses Obama’s recent Benghazi cover-up. Clearly, this far outstrips the veneer of political bias.  It now culminates in journalism’s complete scuttling of whatever survived from those “free press” days.  Liberal or progressive labels aside, it would not be an overreach for attaching the stigma of propaganda to its filtered styled reporting.  As substantiated with this latest IRS controversy, this media designation wears well.

This disarray, bordering upon impeachable, maybe even criminal conduct, comes as the expected by-product when the watchful citizen eye begins to ignore, or even condone even the slightest of usurpations to the governing law of our land.

This year, Federal Reserve employes will no doubt celebrate a century mark of illegal operations, without even a hiccup of thought that their employment necessitated a major usurpation of our Constitutional order.  So, if nothing else, by dating the creation of this behemoth sized corruptible entity, concerned Americans can now appreciate the extent or duration of our Constitutional waywardness.

That year, in which our illegal monetary authority was created, provided a bumper crop of devices which today remain unbridled.

It only took one hundred years for the IRS to reach the depths which it currently claims.  Along with it revenue hunger, it now attempts to intimidate, harass and in general operate outside whatever boundaries which were originally designated.  Sadly, this current scandal may only represent a “tip of the iceberg.”

Third to occur in 1913 was the schmoozing of both public opinion and State legislators, resulting in the passage of our Seventeenth Amendment.

Just for kicks, asks yourself  what is that Amendment all about. This should provide an adequate assessment of how uninformed we all have become.

Briefly, this ploy stripped State representation in the Senate chamber as it altered the selection of Senators from the legislators of each State to that of a popular vote within each State.

This changed the State’s ability at controlling its representation at the Federal level, which  basically weakened State authority and ushered in what is now another popularity contest.  In their original design, only the House was meant to be staffed from such a public input.  The Senate chamber was to house the State’s Ambassadors, selected by the government from their individual State.

Today, our discord stems from what has accumulated outside our Constitutional limitations.  Our thoughts and deeds are tepid at best.  Certainly we operate within a conscientious effort not to offend.  This my dear friends, this is not freedom.  The promotions of our insecurities have directed these hesitant lifestyles.  And our cherished free speech has been muted as our sensitivities flourish.

As my site denotes, the answer will always lie in our past; with the Americanism of our Founders.  We Americans are a mongrel breed and proud of it.  We ask no favors and we are without the will or effort for exercising harm both home or abroad.  We are a giving people and ask for no return.

Our malaise is our own making.  We have lounged in the lap of comfort and luxury.  However, always, there will exist the opportunist, those who seek to gain power and control.  Unfortunately, we have also developed a unique knack for seeking out and electing these followers of differing ideals.  Today’s headlines underscore our bemused folly.

For too long, these idle interests have captured our pursuits.  We are now at the abyss of tyranny.  We, in short order, face what no other society has experienced only because America represents the last bastion of freedom and opportunity for excellence.  If our enemies have their way, total domination will result since the escape route will also disappear.

What becomes critical to grasp is that we as a people have been expertly manipulated and if this continues, we will be expertly controlled.  We need to break away from what essentially has been erected within the last fifty plus years.  Gaze back to what was to what is.  That in itself provides our course of action.

Our Founders well realized the beast at the doorstep.  George Washington cautioned that, “Government is not reason, it is force.  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  So, why is it that we now look to Washington for all our answers?  Equally important, this massive redirection of our reliance came about from what? We need to understand this , identify this and forever denounce this menace.

Thomas Jefferson believed that, “Ignorant and free will never be.” Like it or not, what is now the mainstay of learning leaves the pupil ignorant of our Founding and it is intentional.  Again, look around and judge our decay.  The hard choices, the difficult principles have been gradually decimated.

There are reasons why an unauthorized Department of Education refuses to teach Constitutional principles.  It would eventually be their undoing.  Limited government is postulated as being antithetical to modern needs.  This is self serving rubbish from those designing our downfall.  To understand our Founding is to unmask their tyrannical machinations and save our future.

Jim Bowman,  Author of,

This Roar of Ours

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