Lacking Leadership and Loyalty

James Madison said on June 20, 1788 at the Virginia Ratifying Convention: “…But I go on this great republican principle, that the people will have virtue and intelligence to select men of virtue and wisdom.  Is there no virtue among us?  If there be not, we are in a wretched situation…To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.  If there be sufficient virtue and intelligence in the community, it will be exercised in the selection of these men.”

If there be a more telling summation as to what ails America in this new century, bring it on.  These qualities are sadly lacking within a society which calls the Tea Party movement reactionary, radical and a serious threat.  When a mere Constitutional referencing infers suspicion from others, President Madison’s concerns become validated.

In addition to “virtue” and “intelligence,” American common sense and loyalty have been marginalized.  This turn around, from realizing that our Constitution is the “law of the land” to being criticized for its very mentioning is unnatural within a free society since its words grant and protect the citizenry from an over reaching and/or intrusive government.  It is the very reason that America is such a bastion for freedom and liberty.

Consequently, those that cast such aspersions are the ones actually deserving of such regard.

When thinking that individual rights and overall liberty are now considered with skepticism, it becomes impossible not to consider the likelihood of such a National allegiance transference as being a product of a perverse scheme of instruction.

Nature provides certain inhibitions as safety checks against the lures and frailties of the human mind.  One such check is an innate appreciation of the divine Blessing of freedom, if for no other reason than it’s so rare a condition.

Given this marginalizing of public loyalty, the atmosphere was ripe for a street merchant’s peddling of a “fundamental transformation.” Its public acceptance validates the aforementioned influence which produced such a divergence of allegiance.  So it’s with sad reflection that our current President’s original success represented more to be feared than to be relished.

After almost five years of AWOL leadership, lowlighted by our needless American lost in Benghazi, America’s position around the world has been reshuffled.  During this modern era, when friendships were assumed through Foreign Aid policies, this same malaise bought the White House.  Especially so the second time around, given the popularity of a free phone.

Need Madison’s perceptions be replayed?  His words would echo our salvation if our citizenry were so inclined to hear.  America’s cure lies within her beginnings for it is her Founders who have always offered solutions.

This reliance upon the past has also been given the heave ho by those so inclined with engineering our downfall.

Education is now the tool for conquering the American “can do” spirit and independent nature.  No longer are the basics taught.  The cursive arts, even to the point of being able to sign one’s signature, are now deemed useless.  History, American in particular, and geography have long since faded from view as “social studies” has become the norm.

To say that this new educational era has eclipsed the need for learning of traditional American knowledge or even lore is an understatement.  This omission alone will usher in our country’s eventual failings.  As such, the intent is as insulting as it is obvious.

To be perfectly honest, all this didn’t first appear with our current President.  Much of the last century introduced usurpation after usurpation.  Most notably, the period of  Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson comes to mind.  Roughly twenty years later, another scoundrel by the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt added to our Constitutional decay.  Need I mention that it was the “virtue” and the “intelligence” of the people which continued to re-elect Franklin time and again.  So, this cancer has had quite a lengthy growing spurt.

My personal concern lies with the education of America’s youth.  We all watched Hitler organize his Country’s youth movement.  He realized that the future was with the young. America is now adhering to the same principles.  So, it’s our duty to protect the most impressionable,and thus the most vulnerable.

This secularist imprint has been too common for too long within our public educational system.  Now, those that design our low esteem, our selective intelligence and our global allegiance have answered their impatience with this new age “common core” curriculum.  As previously mentioned, when such a basic skills as learning to write longhand is deemed non-essential, in addition to the traditional math tables of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, the reliance upon computerized output leaves the student uneducated, unintelligent and reliant.

Eventually, this “know nothing” mentality will become the majority of the American electorate.  When one compares our present preference for personalities, good looks and slick promotions with future selections, virtue will become a lost art.

In part, President Madison also remarked in 1778 that, …”We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten commandments of God.”

Dare I say that this religious reliance is another modern day discard?  In addition to this loss of what what George Washington termed an “indispensable support” of government, our ability to “govern ourselves” and to “sustain ourselves” is not instinctive.

As with the individual needs of sustenance and behavior, our sources for instruction are being modified if not gradually disappearing.  Prayer is out of the classroom, “god” has been removed from our vernacular and now such basic instructions as writing and math have become passe.

The most abiding quality of American leadership is loyalty to the flag and our Constitution.  Today, both are sorely lacking and given the current and future educational modes, today’s standards signal a cloudy future, unless our Founder’s advice is once again respected and taken heed of.

Jim Bowman, Author of,

This Roar of Ours

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