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The only problem with living in this age of information is that truth has taken a back seat to the manipulative efforts from those who promote public ignorance.  One subject which attracts such devious charades is the almost extinct field of American citizenship.

What is encompassed within the realm of “citizenship” is first, the overall understanding of our unique Founding.  To realize what led up to our “enough is enough” stance, the ensuing struggle and the attainment of our liberties.  Secondly, a sound knowledge into what our Founding Fathers created  during that hot 1787 summer in Philadelphia.

Once the ratification of our Constitution became official, it was expected that each generation would be versed in Americanism.  Each class of American students learned in detail of our beginnings and thus were appreciably protective of their blessings.

American citizenship was not only taught at an early age, it was proclaimed proudly throughout the land.  It was this American bond of freedom and liberty which brought our Country through our divisive Civil War.  Our strength was in our unity which “the United States of America” declares.

Today, all has changed.  For most of the twentieth century, our younger generations have been exposed to a devaluing of our American ideals.  We are at the point of either believing that it is our Country who is the lead cause for every ill around the world or that be being so successful, today’s American’s must share in the guilt for our past affluence and wasteful abundance.

This thesis is the product of rising sect of American born socialist, who were educated during and after our  Vietnam period .  They were manipulated during their impressionable years and have since matriculated through the many corridors of our Establishments.  Today, their patience has been rewarded by holding influential and prestigious positions throughout our land.

As with any determined mindset, they have seized the opportunity from America’s single greatest lapse; the election of what must now be considered a socialist leaning President.  This eagerness, this belief that now is the time for introducing a radical “transformation of America” is in part supported by the belief that the majority of Americans are Americans in name only.  They are seen to be without any foundational tools and are thus easily manipulated.  This was the lesson learned from Obama’s 2008 election.

To a certain degree, they are correct.  Since the official creation of the Federal Department of Education, America’s youth have been intentionally guided away from previous American studies.

Having painted this dark picture, there still exists lights of hope and renewal.  We also have, as I previously mentioned, additional sources for truth from this expanding internet age of information. There is a growing demand for the words, unfiltered and unrevised, from our Founding period.  One such available source is The Federalist Papers.  Its pages are filled with the intentions and meanings from our Founding Fathers as they explain in detail the meaning of each Constitutional word and phrase.

There exists a fact of life.  That being, truth prevails in the end.  It’s just surviving through to reach that point.  The most protective measure is with the learning of truth and the surest truth lies in the many works available from our Founding Era.

America has always been blessed by her guiding Creator.  In this light, what more could one ask for than a detailed explanation of what our Constitutional “law of the land” means?  Especially from the mouths of those who authored our government’s creation!  Is there any wonder as to why modern day revisionists ignore such irrefutable sources?

The federalist Papers provide the most direct analysis from long ago.  It remains verbatim, transformed entirely and precisely from well over 230 years past.

What commenced America’s journey into freedom and individual liberty was our Declaration of Independence.  If I may, we need to read and really consider what Thomas Jefferson wrote and what became our rock of Americanism.  Consider what, at that time, was unheard of and considered absurd.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

All these salient points were ground breaking.  Men created equal, God given (unalienable) rights, government’s role of protecting those rights and having their power granted from the people.

These were the blessings which form the bricks in our American wall.  Search them out, understand and become them.  That has always been the American way.  It must continue.  God Bless America.

Jim Bowman, Author of

This Roar of Ours

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