Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff

Over time, our Country and its citizens have slowly shifted into the in between era of so-so freedom.  This is not noticeable since our society still looks the same but there are termites working at our foundations.  A mental picture of those pesky little critters perfectly frames their mutation for its two legged version.  The latter vermin will prove more destructive in that eventually, we will wake up one morning within the constraints of tyranny.

Suffice to say that in the second half of the last century, there arose a blossoming of what generally is referred to as “special interests.”  I mean since the beginning of the televised age, “interests” have sprung up over any and all subjects.  Think about it.  Where were these social interests prior to WWII?  Was there a magic wand which canvassed America and voila, “interests”came into being?  Of course not but they did originate and each beginning came about for a purpose.  The question is, what is that purpose?

If we can dismember our affiliations for a moment, in order to view from afar, we notice that modern day America has become fractured, divided, unsure and suspicious.  Our former unity, that elbow to elbow devotion, which settled a Wild West and won WWII is in danger.  To this I point to the mental and emotional priorities of special interest.  We have shed our unity for the championing of our individual pet peeves.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Consider public education’s defoliant treatment against our American heritage.  What Agent Orange did to Vietnam’s jungle canopy is exactly what the Federal Department of Education has formatted into our young American minds.  Too many generations have undergone twelve years of disingenuous and even anti-American studies.  Answers given at higher learning institutions, to simple and basic American history questions, shockingly provide this dim reality.  The resulting wound to American pride and stability is as unmistakable as is its overall detriment to our society and national cohesiveness.  Sadly, this must be intentional.

And now to the rights and freedoms which we expect without any rightful appreciation.  First on the scope are the on going anti-Wall St crowds who have no idea of what “free speech” truly protects.  Speech, along with a freedom to assemble does not include camping out and all that comes with that environ.  Free speech does not permit vocal insults or, in this case, blocking entrance ways.  And it certainly doesn’t include monetary drains to the local agencies nor refuse amounting to safety concerns.  In short, this is a mob of lawless individuals who revel in their anti-establishment genre.

The aforementioned two legged termites have now accumulated approximately 20,000 laws pertaining to our inalienable Second Amendment rights.  Contrary to the inalienable character of our Bill of Rights, which defines that writing as recognition of rights conferred at the time of our birth from our Creator, somehow these devious busybodies fail to grasp the meaning of the phrase, “shall not be infringed.”  Their intention is not to make our Second Amendment stronger, it is to weaken and eventually erased what our Creator has bequeathed.  Again, this must be considered intentional when breaking the law becomes an inherent element to their scheming.

Is there a need to re-address the similar defoliant effect targeting our Fourth Amendment rights against “unreasonable search and seizures?”  A direct contradiction to this inalienable right comes from a condoning Judiciary which now has legalized “warrantless searches!”  Jefferson’s term, “the mischief of man” is in clear sight. Intentional it must be!

What’s one to believe when our Constitution explicitly states, Art IV, Sect 4, that our federal government has the responsibility for protecting our sovereign States “against invasion.” yet not only has Washington refused Arizona’s call for assistance, our current administration has joined in a lawsuit with foreign countries against that State’s proposed immigration law.  Once again, intentional!

So to summarized, we have the societal fracture from special interest, the public education’s anti-American product affecting our younger generations while our lawmakers, who we elect, somehow have gained more authority than our Creator..

This landscape is counterproductive, and ripe for our takeover.  If we are to continue in freedom and be able to better ourselves and our communities, we must realize what is taking place.  We must individually rid our contagions, revisit our unique offerings and once again return to making the whole a worthwhile project.  If we understand and value our American structure, it is everyone of us, the average sovereign citizen which binds and strengthens our American fabric.

But first, we all need to realize just what we are contending against.  There is a concerted effort to take this Country down permanently. American is the only fortress of freedom that remains vibrant and worthy of leadership in the world.  This is not a shooting war but do not be mislead, this is a more insidious type of warfare in that its target is our thoughts, attitudes and loyalties.  If ever there was a time to be united, it is now or it will be never.  Freedom is easier to keep than to regain.

Jim Bowman,

Author of, This Roar of Ours

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