A Price Too High

I thought that government was in place to protect our Country, its citizens and to maintain needs and order.  Apparently, in recent years, another chore has been added.  That would be to  champion the needs of illegal immigrants.  This newly recognized concern represents too high a price affecting our economy, society and our rule of law.

The State government of Alabama legislated a law which enforces our Federal immigration laws.  Since its implementation, its operation has produced high levels in both efficiency and results.

Alabama’s action answered our Federal Government’s refusal to protect all its sovereign States “from invasion.”  This charge can be found in Article IV, Sect 4 of our Constitution.  So, due to this federal void, Alabama  followed Arizona and other States in taking the proper means for the protection of their State’s sovereignty, property and providing for its citizen safety.

While Washington continues to refuse its sworn Constitutional duties, it never-the-less leaps into action against any and all States which responds protectively.

On October 7th, the Obama Administration asked an Appeals Court to stop Alabama’s legal efforts against a growing illegal presence.  This is just another curious example as to just what motivates this administration.

After just a week’s time, the 11th Appeals court, located in Atlanta Georgia, issued a “temporary” blocking order against checking the immigration status of public school students.  This Court actually stated that police are unable to charge immigrants who cannot prove their citizenship!  What?

We all heard the quip, “the inmates are running the asylum.”  This seems to be the case with this latest judicial intrusion into a State’s sovereign rights.  It becomes doubly confusing when the arm of Washington refuses its sworn Constitutional duties on one hand yet rushes to the aid of illegal immigrants, who by their very presence have committed a crime.

If “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” then our Tea Party formation is not only perfectly timed but fitting in that both RINO and progressive have been identified as its combatant.  Their “squeaks” will become our grease.

This growing judicial interference into both the will of the people, as with Prop 87 in California, and now with this ludicrous “temporary” decision to halt a State legislated law exemplifies actions outside the Constitutional dictum of judges who  “shall hold their offices during good behavior.” (Article III, Sect 1)

When judgments runs a foul of basic societal needs or normal State responsibilities, then “good behavior” has departed the courtroom and Congress owns the corrective tool.

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