Free Elections?

With more than a year remaining, why this rush to name Romney as our Republican champion?  From this large field of possibilities, it would seem that another should be groomed if only based upon this behemoth healthcare issue.  A Romney candidacy would at least eliminate if not validate Obama’s sick and socialistic healthcare charade.

The manner in which Romney has gained such early congrads suggests that the big boys, on both sides of the aisle, have already concluded that control would be best served by this eastern establishment liberal Republican.  I see their mischief.

Someone should inform the media elites that “we the people” will decide and our decision will not curry hasty judgments.  Our slew of journalists intend to push this election process into their “old news” bin in shortest of order.  Not so!  We are no longer the “silent majority,” or have those reporting missed our determined efforts from November, 2010?  No, our Tea Party presence has not wavered or withered.  And it is to this growing voice that our selection of our next President will heed.

No longer will our choices be guided by gifted orators or syndicated penmanship.  Our trust is only “in God” and our beliefs are squarely with our Forefather’s original intentions.  This early preference for Romney is the work of the ‘back room boys.”  To those shadowy figures, I say, “it’s over!”  When’s is the next debate? Tea anyone?

Jim Bowman,  Author of,

This Roar of Ours,

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