Lacking Leadership and Loyalty

James Madison said on June 20, 1788 at the Virginia Ratifying Convention: “…But I go on this great republican principle, that the people will have virtue and intelligence to select men of virtue and wisdom.  Is there no virtue among us?  If there be not, we are in a wretched situation…To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.  If there be sufficient virtue and intelligence in the community, it will be exercised in the selection of these men.”

If there be a more telling summation as to what ails America in this new century, bring it on.  These qualities are sadly lacking within a society which calls the Tea Party movement reactionary, radical and a serious threat.  When a mere Constitutional referencing infers suspicion from others, President Madison’s concerns become validated.

In addition to “virtue” and “intelligence,” American common sense and loyalty have been marginalized.  This turn around, from realizing that our Constitution is the “law of the land” to being criticized for its very mentioning is unnatural within a free society since its words grant and protect the citizenry from an over reaching and/or intrusive government.  It is the very reason that America is such a bastion for freedom and liberty.

Consequently, those that cast such aspersions are the ones actually deserving of such regard.

When thinking that individual rights and overall liberty are now considered with skepticism, it becomes impossible not to consider the likelihood of such a National allegiance transference as being a product of a perverse scheme of instruction.

Nature provides certain inhibitions as safety checks against the lures and frailties of the human mind.  One such check is an innate appreciation of the divine Blessing of freedom, if for no other reason than it’s so rare a condition.

Given this marginalizing of public loyalty, the atmosphere was ripe for a street merchant’s peddling of a “fundamental transformation.” Its public acceptance validates the aforementioned influence which produced such a divergence of allegiance.  So it’s with sad reflection that our current President’s original success represented more to be feared than to be relished.

After almost five years of AWOL leadership, lowlighted by our needless American lost in Benghazi, America’s position around the world has been reshuffled.  During this modern era, when friendships were assumed through Foreign Aid policies, this same malaise bought the White House.  Especially so the second time around, given the popularity of a free phone.

Need Madison’s perceptions be replayed?  His words would echo our salvation if our citizenry were so inclined to hear.  America’s cure lies within her beginnings for it is her Founders who have always offered solutions.

This reliance upon the past has also been given the heave ho by those so inclined with engineering our downfall.

Education is now the tool for conquering the American “can do” spirit and independent nature.  No longer are the basics taught.  The cursive arts, even to the point of being able to sign one’s signature, are now deemed useless.  History, American in particular, and geography have long since faded from view as “social studies” has become the norm.

To say that this new educational era has eclipsed the need for learning of traditional American knowledge or even lore is an understatement.  This omission alone will usher in our country’s eventual failings.  As such, the intent is as insulting as it is obvious.

To be perfectly honest, all this didn’t first appear with our current President.  Much of the last century introduced usurpation after usurpation.  Most notably, the period of  Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson comes to mind.  Roughly twenty years later, another scoundrel by the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt added to our Constitutional decay.  Need I mention that it was the “virtue” and the “intelligence” of the people which continued to re-elect Franklin time and again.  So, this cancer has had quite a lengthy growing spurt.

My personal concern lies with the education of America’s youth.  We all watched Hitler organize his Country’s youth movement.  He realized that the future was with the young. America is now adhering to the same principles.  So, it’s our duty to protect the most impressionable,and thus the most vulnerable.

This secularist imprint has been too common for too long within our public educational system.  Now, those that design our low esteem, our selective intelligence and our global allegiance have answered their impatience with this new age “common core” curriculum.  As previously mentioned, when such a basic skills as learning to write longhand is deemed non-essential, in addition to the traditional math tables of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, the reliance upon computerized output leaves the student uneducated, unintelligent and reliant.

Eventually, this “know nothing” mentality will become the majority of the American electorate.  When one compares our present preference for personalities, good looks and slick promotions with future selections, virtue will become a lost art.

In part, President Madison also remarked in 1778 that, …”We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten commandments of God.”

Dare I say that this religious reliance is another modern day discard?  In addition to this loss of what what George Washington termed an “indispensable support” of government, our ability to “govern ourselves” and to “sustain ourselves” is not instinctive.

As with the individual needs of sustenance and behavior, our sources for instruction are being modified if not gradually disappearing.  Prayer is out of the classroom, “god” has been removed from our vernacular and now such basic instructions as writing and math have become passe.

The most abiding quality of American leadership is loyalty to the flag and our Constitution.  Today, both are sorely lacking and given the current and future educational modes, today’s standards signal a cloudy future, unless our Founder’s advice is once again respected and taken heed of.

Jim Bowman, Author of,

This Roar of Ours

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For Constitutional Understanding

The only problem with living in this age of information is that truth has taken a back seat to the manipulative efforts from those who promote public ignorance.  One subject which attracts such devious charades is the almost extinct field of American citizenship.

What is encompassed within the realm of “citizenship” is first, the overall understanding of our unique Founding.  To realize what led up to our “enough is enough” stance, the ensuing struggle and the attainment of our liberties.  Secondly, a sound knowledge into what our Founding Fathers created  during that hot 1787 summer in Philadelphia.

Once the ratification of our Constitution became official, it was expected that each generation would be versed in Americanism.  Each class of American students learned in detail of our beginnings and thus were appreciably protective of their blessings.

American citizenship was not only taught at an early age, it was proclaimed proudly throughout the land.  It was this American bond of freedom and liberty which brought our Country through our divisive Civil War.  Our strength was in our unity which “the United States of America” declares.

Today, all has changed.  For most of the twentieth century, our younger generations have been exposed to a devaluing of our American ideals.  We are at the point of either believing that it is our Country who is the lead cause for every ill around the world or that be being so successful, today’s American’s must share in the guilt for our past affluence and wasteful abundance.

This thesis is the product of rising sect of American born socialist, who were educated during and after our  Vietnam period .  They were manipulated during their impressionable years and have since matriculated through the many corridors of our Establishments.  Today, their patience has been rewarded by holding influential and prestigious positions throughout our land.

As with any determined mindset, they have seized the opportunity from America’s single greatest lapse; the election of what must now be considered a socialist leaning President.  This eagerness, this belief that now is the time for introducing a radical “transformation of America” is in part supported by the belief that the majority of Americans are Americans in name only.  They are seen to be without any foundational tools and are thus easily manipulated.  This was the lesson learned from Obama’s 2008 election.

To a certain degree, they are correct.  Since the official creation of the Federal Department of Education, America’s youth have been intentionally guided away from previous American studies.

Having painted this dark picture, there still exists lights of hope and renewal.  We also have, as I previously mentioned, additional sources for truth from this expanding internet age of information. There is a growing demand for the words, unfiltered and unrevised, from our Founding period.  One such available source is The Federalist Papers.  Its pages are filled with the intentions and meanings from our Founding Fathers as they explain in detail the meaning of each Constitutional word and phrase.

There exists a fact of life.  That being, truth prevails in the end.  It’s just surviving through to reach that point.  The most protective measure is with the learning of truth and the surest truth lies in the many works available from our Founding Era.

America has always been blessed by her guiding Creator.  In this light, what more could one ask for than a detailed explanation of what our Constitutional “law of the land” means?  Especially from the mouths of those who authored our government’s creation!  Is there any wonder as to why modern day revisionists ignore such irrefutable sources?

The federalist Papers provide the most direct analysis from long ago.  It remains verbatim, transformed entirely and precisely from well over 230 years past.

What commenced America’s journey into freedom and individual liberty was our Declaration of Independence.  If I may, we need to read and really consider what Thomas Jefferson wrote and what became our rock of Americanism.  Consider what, at that time, was unheard of and considered absurd.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

All these salient points were ground breaking.  Men created equal, God given (unalienable) rights, government’s role of protecting those rights and having their power granted from the people.

These were the blessings which form the bricks in our American wall.  Search them out, understand and become them.  That has always been the American way.  It must continue.  God Bless America.

Jim Bowman, Author of

This Roar of Ours

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Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff

Over time, our Country and its citizens have slowly shifted into the in between era of so-so freedom.  This is not noticeable since our society still looks the same but there are termites working at our foundations.  A mental picture of those pesky little critters perfectly frames their mutation for its two legged version.  The latter vermin will prove more destructive in that eventually, we will wake up one morning within the constraints of tyranny.

Suffice to say that in the second half of the last century, there arose a blossoming of what generally is referred to as “special interests.”  I mean since the beginning of the televised age, “interests” have sprung up over any and all subjects.  Think about it.  Where were these social interests prior to WWII?  Was there a magic wand which canvassed America and voila, “interests”came into being?  Of course not but they did originate and each beginning came about for a purpose.  The question is, what is that purpose?

If we can dismember our affiliations for a moment, in order to view from afar, we notice that modern day America has become fractured, divided, unsure and suspicious.  Our former unity, that elbow to elbow devotion, which settled a Wild West and won WWII is in danger.  To this I point to the mental and emotional priorities of special interest.  We have shed our unity for the championing of our individual pet peeves.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Consider public education’s defoliant treatment against our American heritage.  What Agent Orange did to Vietnam’s jungle canopy is exactly what the Federal Department of Education has formatted into our young American minds.  Too many generations have undergone twelve years of disingenuous and even anti-American studies.  Answers given at higher learning institutions, to simple and basic American history questions, shockingly provide this dim reality.  The resulting wound to American pride and stability is as unmistakable as is its overall detriment to our society and national cohesiveness.  Sadly, this must be intentional.

And now to the rights and freedoms which we expect without any rightful appreciation.  First on the scope are the on going anti-Wall St crowds who have no idea of what “free speech” truly protects.  Speech, along with a freedom to assemble does not include camping out and all that comes with that environ.  Free speech does not permit vocal insults or, in this case, blocking entrance ways.  And it certainly doesn’t include monetary drains to the local agencies nor refuse amounting to safety concerns.  In short, this is a mob of lawless individuals who revel in their anti-establishment genre.

The aforementioned two legged termites have now accumulated approximately 20,000 laws pertaining to our inalienable Second Amendment rights.  Contrary to the inalienable character of our Bill of Rights, which defines that writing as recognition of rights conferred at the time of our birth from our Creator, somehow these devious busybodies fail to grasp the meaning of the phrase, “shall not be infringed.”  Their intention is not to make our Second Amendment stronger, it is to weaken and eventually erased what our Creator has bequeathed.  Again, this must be considered intentional when breaking the law becomes an inherent element to their scheming.

Is there a need to re-address the similar defoliant effect targeting our Fourth Amendment rights against “unreasonable search and seizures?”  A direct contradiction to this inalienable right comes from a condoning Judiciary which now has legalized “warrantless searches!”  Jefferson’s term, “the mischief of man” is in clear sight. Intentional it must be!

What’s one to believe when our Constitution explicitly states, Art IV, Sect 4, that our federal government has the responsibility for protecting our sovereign States “against invasion.” yet not only has Washington refused Arizona’s call for assistance, our current administration has joined in a lawsuit with foreign countries against that State’s proposed immigration law.  Once again, intentional!

So to summarized, we have the societal fracture from special interest, the public education’s anti-American product affecting our younger generations while our lawmakers, who we elect, somehow have gained more authority than our Creator..

This landscape is counterproductive, and ripe for our takeover.  If we are to continue in freedom and be able to better ourselves and our communities, we must realize what is taking place.  We must individually rid our contagions, revisit our unique offerings and once again return to making the whole a worthwhile project.  If we understand and value our American structure, it is everyone of us, the average sovereign citizen which binds and strengthens our American fabric.

But first, we all need to realize just what we are contending against.  There is a concerted effort to take this Country down permanently. American is the only fortress of freedom that remains vibrant and worthy of leadership in the world.  This is not a shooting war but do not be mislead, this is a more insidious type of warfare in that its target is our thoughts, attitudes and loyalties.  If ever there was a time to be united, it is now or it will be never.  Freedom is easier to keep than to regain.

Jim Bowman,

Author of, This Roar of Ours

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An Unbalanced Change

An Unbalanced Change

We Americans are a fortunate yet an absurdly undeserving lot.  We have a structure of government which is limited in its authority.  More importantly and unique to this American experiment is the source of our rights.  All American citizens inherit their rights at the time of their birth from their Creator.  Thus the designation, inalienable.  In other words, above “the mischief of man,” or man’s government.  And it’s a good thing when viewing some of the changes that “mischief” has produced.

In my mind, the most important of our three branches of government is the Legislative branch which legislates law and controls the purse strings.  The executive branch is more of a figure head, a spokesman or representative, whose powers are defined and greatly limited.  At best, the Executive signs into law legislation passed by the legislators.  He also has the authority to appoint Supreme Court Justices, which has now taken on the aura of an abusive “stacking of the deck” ritual..

The third branch, the Judicial, resides over judicial matters pertaining to the Constitution, maritime matters, along with varying issues arising at the State level.  The nine Supreme Court justices hold their positions, dependent on proper behavior, for as long as they desire.

The interesting part of the legislature is its “bicameral” makeup.  The House is known as “the people’s House” since they are directly elected by the constituents from each  representative’s district.  As such, their power is derived from the people.

Here’s where it gets sticky.  The second house of Congress, the Senate, orgially derived its power from the States.  The two Senators were chosen by their State’s legislators and thus were considered to be  Ambassadors representing their individual sovereign State at the federal level.  So, the Senate’s power was derived from the States.  This was reasonable, given that it was the States which created our federal authority and the need for a voice in Washington was a given.  Also, this direct State authority had instant recall ability if their chosen senators detoured from their assigned agenda.

This distinction between the two chambers of Congress was intentional in that it separated both chamber’s source of power; one from the people and one from the State level.  This all changed when the Seventeenth Amendment was ratified on April 8, 1913.

The reasons for dismantling State control over the selection of Senators came from hyping isolated instances into being the norm.  One instance, that of deadlocks, addressed the need for State legislative agreement in order to pick their senators.  While exceptions occurred, with one State not filling a Senate seat for approximately four years, the system worked better than advertised to the public.  Mostly, these “deadlocks” occurred when newly admitted western States began their Senatorial picks.  Once established, their internal differences dissolved as order prevailed.  However, similar with today’s media hype, much was made from nothing in order to persuade and that persuasion resulted in the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment, which erased State representation and reduced its independent authority.

With the Senators now being elected by the often managed popular vote, the balance designed by our Forefathers has been drastically altered.  No longer are Senators aswerable to their States.  Their only concern is to the people, once in every six years.  As western States have stopped joining, that issue of “deadlock” has died a natural death.  Our Congress now consists of two “people’s Houses,” which in hindsight, just might add to this bipartisan bickering and do nothing record.  Prior to the Seventeenth’s passage, how many Congress’s failed to issue the following year’s budget?  Just a thought.

The bottom line to our experiment with freedom is that something given is never appreciated.  Our Forefather’s valued their creation since they were the ones who sacrificed.  Since then, we have inherited without respect and have taken for granted without toil this most precious of gifts.  That my friends, creates an undeserving lot.

Jim Bowman, Author of

This Roar of Ours

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A Founder’s Advice

A Founder’s Advice

By some unexplained awakening, probably from need, the past few years have brought witness to our inherent return to what created and preserved our freedoms and our Country’s success.  In this regard, the Tea Party sprung forth and has closely aligned itself with our forefather’s proven tenets.

The emergence has taken Washington by surprise.  Prior to the now eye opening 2010 midterm elections, the “establishment” enjoyed their air of supremacy and control.  The far off storm cloud whispered of change, yet their comfort zone seemed secure.  The election results from that November in 2010 would upset their apple cart.  Today, we are exactly half way from that election and half way to our date with deciding freedom’s future.

November 2012 will entail any and all trickery from freedom’s opposition.  We must prepare, similar to Gen. Patton’s famous line, “I read your book you magnificent bastard!”  However, this time, it is not a worthwhile pursuit to read the opposition playbooks.  Such spoofs as The Audacity of Hope remain as insults to our American ideals.  Instead, it is to our beginnings, when all seemed impossible, that we find strength and sage like advice.  And it is to this arena in which I read one incredibly pertinent passage.

After finalizing our Constitution, its ratification period began.  This was a time when the American public was privy to a series of articles explaining its ramifications (The Federalist Papers being the most widely read) and reasons for its acceptance.  As apart of this process, there took place a rather testy ratifying convention in Pennsylvania.

During this Pennsylvania Convention, James Wilson helped win the Constitution’s Pennsylvania ratification with his 24 November, 1787 speech.  It is to this oratory which I find pertinence and applicable advice concerning today’s disjointed affairs.  It is noteworthy to remark that a prime concern of our Forefather’s was to safeguard against the darker side of human nature since greed, jealousy, lust for power and immorality remain tempting for some.  It is to this element which Wilson addressed his concerns.

Listen to his words while replaying what is happening today. It’s uncanny as it is precise.  In reference to the “high expectations” following our successful war for independence, Mr. Wilson asks the Convention if we met those standards and if not, what happened?  It is to this he offers our needed counsel.  To quote, “The truth is, we dreaded danger only on one side.” (concerning the war against British rule)  “This we manfully repelled.  But on another side, danger not less formidable, but more insidious, stole in upon us; and our unsuspecting tempers were not sufficiently attentive either to its approach or to its operations.  Those, whom foreign strength could not overpower, have well-nigh become the victims of internal anarchy.”

Sound familiar?  Through our growing societal ease, mainly starting after WWII, we have slowly retreated from the joys of hard labor and tough decision making.  We have joined in the chorus of “wanting a better life for our children” when all that was produced was a soft and expectant generation.  The vigor and vim of our “can do” approach has been replaced by a sense of “victimhood” along with this “me, me, me” attitude.  In short, corruption has drifted into our American ideal.

Two factors have joined to weaken our resolve.  One, being the most obvious, is the intentional efforts to dumb down younger generations through the Federal Department of Education.  The second element also effects younger Americans as the family structure has undergone assault from the ease of divorce and the need for dual incomes.  It is obvious that both issues are too extensive to detail but suffice to realize that both appeared for a reason, which is becoming more and more obvious.

Wilson observed that in the proposed government, a politician not familiar with our political systems “would answer that in our governments, the supreme power was vested in the constitution.”  However, the truth of the matter is, as Wilson explains, “that in our governments, the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power remains in the people.  As our constitutions are superior to our legislatures; so the people are superior to our constitutions.”  Wilson referred to this people power as “the panacea in politics.”

In closing, Wilson summed up that if the error be found in legislature, the constitution may remedy,and if it be the Constitution’s error, the people may cure its ill.  That is, and here’s the caveat, “if the people are not wanting to themselves.  For a people wanting to themselves, there is no remedy”

What we have to determine is if this “wanting to themselves” was brought on by the same intent which created our dysfunctional education system.  The same question can be directed at the American divorce rate and this second income need.  Mr. Wilson’s convention speech offers a rare and useful glimpse into our current societal dysfunctions.  For it certainly seems that our shift from calm and orderly to one of upheaval and despair took an unusually short time frame.  That is if a normal transition was its cause.

Jim Bowman, Author of

This Roar of Ours

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Concerns of Now Verses Then

Concerns of Now Verses Then

Too often, today’s batch of Americans preoccupy themselves with various material possessions which they deem important.  Along the way, this “me, me, me” mentality has encouraged the current shenanigans to this occupy Wall St crowd.  It’s very difficult to amass material trinkets when employment is out of reach.  And this is the best case reasoning since there are those that partake in this anti-capitalistic charade who consider any original employment to be beneath their pay grade.

These notions of inflated starting salaries inhibits self worth and individual goal setting.  Such presumptions are lofted on high and fed by an individual need for being judged successful.  Work is therefore shunned if the monetary standard is not sufficient to  amassing glittery success.

This mentality is a by-product from the “instant gratification” fable.  Gone are the days of the first “jalopy” or the apartment living which led to the “starter home.”  As a result of parents wanting “a better life than they had” for their children, all striving from the bottom up has been short circuited.  My question has always been, just what degree of excessive labor and/or pain did these parents experience to make it all unworthy for their children to endure.  After all, by judging the parents overall station in life, whatever they faced certainly contributed to their differing levels of success.

Not intending to center piece these unreasonable calls for “equality,” I never the less point to these unfounded complaints as the results from disassociated and often dysfunctional tutoring.  This wasn’t the case during our Founding Era.

In 1788, John Dickerson, a Convention delegate from Delaware, wrote a series of letters, under the pen name of “Fabius,” appearing in Delaware newspapers.  This took place following the Constitution’s proposal in 1787 and prior to its announced ratification in 1788 when it was determined that the new government would convene on March 4, 1789.  The current Wall St demonstrations dim in comparison as to the public’s ansgt when deciding upon a completely different form of government which the Constitution would represent.

So, it is understandable that not only were the citizens abuzz with “what ifs,” they were greatly more in tune with the “Articles of  “Confederation” while analyzing their new Constitution.  This knowledge and understanding of our structure of government has largely disappeared through the intervening 234 years.  Wall St demonstrates our ignorance while Tea Party supporters have returned to those Constitutional beliefs.  And, it is just in time!

In Letter I, “Fabius” wrote, “Those who oppose the plan, are influenced by different views.  Some of them are friends, others are enemies, to The United States.”  This can also be said of today’s citizenry.  Fabius continues, “The latter are of two class; either men without principles or fortunes… or men who have always been averse to the revolution.”  Yes, it was a fact that many citizens were content to be rule by the British.  In fact, their numbers were in the majority!

Fabius went on in Letter II to describe the selection, terms and duties of those sent to Washington.  I might add that under the original Constitution, State senators were selected by their individual State legislators since as senators, they were to be their State’s ambassadors to a federal entity.  This strengthened the sovereignty of the various States (which voted upon the passage of the Constitution) and caused each senator to be mindful of his State’s need for fear of being replaced whenever deemed necessary. Today, the passage of our Seventeenth Amendment nullifies State authority with the often whimsically based popular vote.  Gone is the instant recall by State legislatures if and when a particular Senator veered off course.

In Letter III, Fabius mentions principles which seem foreign with today’s sea of misgivings and yet might just offer a glimpse of what might be in need of regaining.  Fabius notes, “Our most gracious Creator does not condemn us to sigh for unattainable blessedness:  But one thing he demands- that we should seek for happiness in his way, and not in our own.”

Fabius coninues, “Humility and benevolence must take place of pride and overweening selfishness… we cannot be true to ourselves, without being true to others- that to love our neighbors as ourselves, is to love ourselves in the best manner- that give, is to gain…”

In closing, the Wall St crowds talk of their “freedom of speech” and of their “freedom to assemble;” both of which are plainly written in Amendment I.  But what is not written, yet was understood to be a given at the time of our Forefather’s writings, was the fair application of individual responsibility and that rights are conferred when others are not injured by their adherence.

Since this crucial element brings limitations, as all rights require, it is therefore universally ignored by all modern day “rights” advocates.  Such is the case with this unsanitary melee.  Freedom of speech and assembly does not insure the endless homesteading of public parks and gathering locales.  This activity, while mystifyingly permitted by local authorities, will  exclude any possibility that their message could be taken as valid or just.  Especially so when compared to the massive Tea Party gatherings which lack any evidence of it ever having assembled.  That’s called responsibility!

Jim Bowman, Author of

This Roar of Ours

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The Basis of Americanism

The Basis of Americanism

I thought that the essays written by Nicholas Collin (1746-1831) just might be beneficial with today’s discord.  Listed in a work entitled, Friends of the Constitution, Writings of the “Other” Federalists, 1787-1788, Rev Collin had featured three of his essays printed in the Independent Gazetteer, Philadelphia, on 18, 21, and 28 September, 1787.  Although his essays began appearing before the Federal Convention concluded, they also continued after 17 September, 1787, when the Constitution was proposed.

It is interesting to note that the concerns of that time centered on the most rudimentary of elements.  Rev. Collin, who was the pastor of the Old Swede’s Church in Philadelphia, cautioned that “the stability of republics depends upon ‘fixed principles and settled habits.’”  These were most notably, “education, morals, religion, manners laws, and learning.”  Simple elements yet obviously crucial to an orderly and productive society.  And likewise, it is  these very useful ingredients that our society has, in one manner or another, discarded.

One in particular, “manners,” is not even considered in whispered conversation of today.  During my lifetime, this has gone from a mainstay to the trash heap of unimportance.  Do we now see the results from such a rash deformity in society?

And how about “morals?”  Now, here’s a sea change.  Again, during the same span of time, what was, isn’t!  Gone are the days where virginity was a valued asset and chastity was a given.  Today, parents advise their daughters as to the pill assurances against pregnancy since “they’re going to do it anyway.”  All this within roughly a fifty year span.

As for “education” and proper “learning,” although “home schooling” has become fashionable and productive, most of our children endure the indoctrinations from a public,or more to the point, governmental education.  As such, the federal authority avoids proper or useful learning for fear that those who learn too much will reason that the federal authority lacks authority!  Obviously, this hampers learning and eliminates a basic understanding for applying citizenship to our daily lives.  Consider that American History, Civics, and even cursive writing skills have all follow the the demise of the horse and buggy transportation mode.

And last but far from least, there is the ban on religious education within a school curriculum.  In particular, Christian references of any sort are forbidden.  Odd since our Forefathers considered such instruction as fundamental to a complete and sound education.  In totality, the Supreme Court put the finishing touches on this when they disallowed prayer in school in 1962.  What was normal practice since our Founding was somehow ruled unconstitutional.  How those august nine black robes could run roughshod over our First Amendment which explicitly states that “prohibiting the free exercise” of our religious freedoms shall not be permitted, is a testament to the peculiarity from judicial interpretations.

Given the disappearance of what Rev Collin itemized as basic requisites for societal “stability,” can we begin to see just what our course of action should address?  It certainly isn’t more tax revenue allocated for “smaller classrooms!”  Nor is it the rupturing of the family unit with this sudden modern day emergence of a career mom.

Our materialistic value system must be realized for what it is!  It is a shallow replacement for achievement and toil.  It produces debt and continued wanting.  It attacks the very heart of productivity and worth.

This chasing of unworthiness, whether it be objects denoting status, self glamor or indulgence are synonymous to a marginalized existence.  This syndrome of instant gratification takes hold when the valued and proven essentials of normal society become passe.

Rev. Collin stated that “It is very pernicious (destructive) merely for a temporary advantage to sour the public mind, and weaken all the social virtues, which are the bonds of civil union.”  Also, “A bad influence on manners and government is a serious affair.”

There is a reason why our Founding Era has been deliberately ignored and forgotten.  It presents the way back from our current ruinous path. We have elected “a bad influence” within all branches and levels of authority.  What we are witnessing is what Rev. Collin described as a “serious affair.”  We must return to our Foundational beginnings for it is there that government and society were in its most agreeable and serviceable mode.

Jim Bowman, Author of

This Roar of Ours

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The Elastic 4th

On January 24th, a Federal judge blocked Florida’s recently passed legislation which requires a drug test for welfare applicants.  Judge Mary Scriven’s temporary block stated that it may violate the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures.

The Judicial traffic, which in recent times has trampled over, under and through our unalienable 4th Amendment rights, has once again produced a judgement based upon an individual circumstance.  That being the hallowed ground of the growing hands out and none contributing  sector of our society.  Scriven’s interference to a State law, while I agree, becomes quite controversial since what qualifies in today’s society as “unreasonable” has long since been legally decapitated.

In my book entitled, This Roar of Ours, I emphasize that modern day judicial findings have consistently watered down our 4th Amendment protections.  As a long time advocate of a strict adherence to our unalienable rights against invasive law enforcement procedures, I find it incredulous that the welfare arena gains more attention and proper defense than John Q Public.

On page 33 of the above mentioned text, I note that “In 1974, our Supreme Court authorized the concept of ‘warrantless searches.’” Also, “in 1984, in the case entitled ‘United States v. Leon,’ the Supreme Court established a ‘good faith’ add-on that defended a search warrant that was issued without ‘probable cause.’”  Then, in 1995, our Federal Government in the House passed HR 666 which “permits evidence that is obtained without a search warrant if police acted with an ‘objectively reasonable belief’ and observed the Constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizures.”

Obviously, there exists a consistent agenda to whither away at our 4th Amendment search and seizure assurances.  And it is this circus to which Judge Scriven has entered.

Incredibly, the American work place has also featured a practice that chronologically seems to parallel these anti 4th measures and by doing so, incurs a violation to our 5th Amendment rights against self incrimination.  And, I might add, which are identical to the Scriven’s ruling.  This practice of indiscriminate urine testing follows the DUI breathe analyzing procedures found at weekend “traffic points.” (roadblocks).  Both entail a “search” of one’s most private  possessions without first establishing our 4th Amendment’s “probable cause” criteria.

This brings us back to Judge Scriven’s recent ruling.  As I’ve stated, both here and in my essay, I am against any violation to our creed of unalienable rights by any level of authority.  I just find it ironic that this latter day ruling flies in the face of “established” employment policies which I also deem unconstitutional.  Need I mention the same personal reaction with regards to the money making gadgetry and lingering punitive effects from our DUI laws?

I find that Judge Scriven’s ruling, as questionable as it seems on the surface, is correct with Constitutional standards.  However, if this be the case, decades of jurisprudence will undergo revision, as so often should be the case with the Supreme Court’s contradictory output.

As previously mention, “the Supreme Court established a ‘good faith’ add-on…”  There in lies the problem.  Just as it “established” a “separation of church and state,” our Judiciary has lost its way. It is in place to interpret from a protective posture, not interpret through a redefining medium.  Judicial rulings must first and always maintain the original intent of our Forefathers.  Creating and/or establishing does neither.

One past point.  This ruling will produce immediate public support during this time of unemployment and uncertainty.  However, the more difficult lies ahead.  How much of that same support will demand an equal adherence to the same unalienable rights when it comes to the impossible mission of “highway safety?”

Jim Bowman,  Author of,

This Roar of Ours

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A Price Too High

I thought that government was in place to protect our Country, its citizens and to maintain needs and order.  Apparently, in recent years, another chore has been added.  That would be to  champion the needs of illegal immigrants.  This newly recognized concern represents too high a price affecting our economy, society and our rule of law.

The State government of Alabama legislated a law which enforces our Federal immigration laws.  Since its implementation, its operation has produced high levels in both efficiency and results.

Alabama’s action answered our Federal Government’s refusal to protect all its sovereign States “from invasion.”  This charge can be found in Article IV, Sect 4 of our Constitution.  So, due to this federal void, Alabama  followed Arizona and other States in taking the proper means for the protection of their State’s sovereignty, property and providing for its citizen safety.

While Washington continues to refuse its sworn Constitutional duties, it never-the-less leaps into action against any and all States which responds protectively.

On October 7th, the Obama Administration asked an Appeals Court to stop Alabama’s legal efforts against a growing illegal presence.  This is just another curious example as to just what motivates this administration.

After just a week’s time, the 11th Appeals court, located in Atlanta Georgia, issued a “temporary” blocking order against checking the immigration status of public school students.  This Court actually stated that police are unable to charge immigrants who cannot prove their citizenship!  What?

We all heard the quip, “the inmates are running the asylum.”  This seems to be the case with this latest judicial intrusion into a State’s sovereign rights.  It becomes doubly confusing when the arm of Washington refuses its sworn Constitutional duties on one hand yet rushes to the aid of illegal immigrants, who by their very presence have committed a crime.

If “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” then our Tea Party formation is not only perfectly timed but fitting in that both RINO and progressive have been identified as its combatant.  Their “squeaks” will become our grease.

This growing judicial interference into both the will of the people, as with Prop 87 in California, and now with this ludicrous “temporary” decision to halt a State legislated law exemplifies actions outside the Constitutional dictum of judges who  “shall hold their offices during good behavior.” (Article III, Sect 1)

When judgments runs a foul of basic societal needs or normal State responsibilities, then “good behavior” has departed the courtroom and Congress owns the corrective tool.

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Free Elections?

With more than a year remaining, why this rush to name Romney as our Republican champion?  From this large field of possibilities, it would seem that another should be groomed if only based upon this behemoth healthcare issue.  A Romney candidacy would at least eliminate if not validate Obama’s sick and socialistic healthcare charade.

The manner in which Romney has gained such early congrads suggests that the big boys, on both sides of the aisle, have already concluded that control would be best served by this eastern establishment liberal Republican.  I see their mischief.

Someone should inform the media elites that “we the people” will decide and our decision will not curry hasty judgments.  Our slew of journalists intend to push this election process into their “old news” bin in shortest of order.  Not so!  We are no longer the “silent majority,” or have those reporting missed our determined efforts from November, 2010?  No, our Tea Party presence has not wavered or withered.  And it is to this growing voice that our selection of our next President will heed.

No longer will our choices be guided by gifted orators or syndicated penmanship.  Our trust is only “in God” and our beliefs are squarely with our Forefather’s original intentions.  This early preference for Romney is the work of the ‘back room boys.”  To those shadowy figures, I say, “it’s over!”  When’s is the next debate? Tea anyone?

Jim Bowman,  Author of,

This Roar of Ours,

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